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If I could, I would fistfight God

Wednesday Feb 23, 2022, 10:18 AM




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Hello! :D

My name is Aiden, Im 16 yrs and im incredibly awkward so dont mind me lol-

I love Punk and Gothic styles (and some cutesy stuff aha)

Hello Kitty is everything good in this world (Also unrelated but go watch My Melody Onegai, it is underrated as hell-)

I draw a lot of anime, spooky stuff and pastel gore or just gore-

Some of my favorite bands are, The Casualties, The Exploited, Molchat Doma, and Pisse

I LOVE playing Call of Duty Mobile (My name is ~*Mr.A*~ in game) Im also very obsessed with Minecraft (Most of my Kandi patterns will be Minecraft related)

(please dont add me if you are 1. A homophobe/transphobe, 2. Fake mental disorders or any kind of illness (especially people who fake DID), and 3. are toxic in general)

Other than that I hope we can be friends :)))!!!

Okay Bye now!! :D

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