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Saturday Jan 29, 2022, 3:45 AM




Last online: 1-27-2022 7:56am
  • Gender: Non-binary (All pronouns even neos)
  • Deez, Nuts
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My name is Sam!

i really love to make kandi and perlers

i really like Miku, space stuff, candy, kandi, monster high, fnaf, P.A.S.W.G, and like a million other stuff

i use all pronouns even neos but i prefer they/them <3

im also a lesbian cuz women

i am very feminine so LUV feminine compliments

Im autistic so pls use tone tags when necessary

my triggers/discomforts r: mentions of serious illnesses and dsmp ( if u like it thats fine just dont talk about it and stuff)

Friend requests r open!

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