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✮High on life✮ lmao

Tuesday May 16, 2023, 8:17 PM




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✮whats up broksies you can call me Trix my pronouns are He/They/it I have mild Autism and Touretts✮

✮IMSophomore in highschool and in a early college program majoring in Art and Phlebotomy✮

✮Im taken by my amazing partner✮

✮Silver Fox, German Shepard, Clouded Wolf, and Forest Cat Therian I have been awakened for around 6-7 years✮

✮I am an artist✮


✮I like to the styles: Grunge, Skater Boy, Fairycore Grunge, Goblincore, Kidcore, Clowncore, Emo, and im still discovering new styles!!!✮

✮Characters that Kin to: Hunter (TOH) Bakugo (MHA) Catra (She-ra) Entrapta (She-ra)✮

✮Other: I practice witch craft And LOVE to walk in the woods,agere (Dont know what age)✮

✮I love helping people discover themselves! If you think you may be a therian or need speritual help just message me!!!✮

✮Quotes And Song Lyrics I Like✮

✮"Wheres My Husband?!" -Tom Holland✮

✮"I Hate The Word Homophobia. Its Not A Phobia, Your Not Scared. Your Just An A**Hole"- Morgan Freeman✮

✮"You're gonna be eaten by a coyote Run, little one, though the pack may follow Two quite thin, their brother fatter He can still win, just gotta be faster Run for the yard, they've barred up the gutter That was our route, better find another" The Milk Carton- Madelyn Mei✮

✮I'm running with my paws I'm breaking all the laws When you're an animal It's super magical I'm running far ahead Why wanna go to bed When your an animal Its super magical✮

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Feeling Gender Euphoric
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Star Space Girl
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