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I guess I should stop looking out for you like I always do, When will you start looking out for me too, Instead of leaving me staring at my shoes? It's just the way you're glancing at me, Something about you just makes me feel guilty for liking you, When you're with him, when you're with him *proceeds to go afk*

Thursday Dec 8, 2022, 3:14 AM




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Riddle me this butt man

If quizzes are quizzical

Then what are tests?!?!?!?!



Do you ever find yourself with dirty balls and no way to clean them???

No worrys testi-cleaners is here



Random update nobody asked for

I am currently to lazy to find hilarious sal fisher cosplayers to put as my pfp so you'll get a random meme till I find ✧the one✧

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