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hi!! my name is nel (short for nelliel) or cloud, and im 24 years old!

i am ghostgender (both variations) and catgender, and my pronouns are it/its, they/them, mew/mews, and purr/purrs.

some of my interests include pokemon, fnaf, devil may cry, bleach, hypmic, ff7, animal crossing, and monster high. dmc is my current hyperfixation!

some of my favorite bands/musicians are red vox, starset, mcr, ptv, miw, jazmin bean, reol, and purity ring (among others, those are just the tops). i also love a lot of vocaloid music and producers, and fnaf fan songs

i am also otherkin/fictionkin, and my kin list is the 1st link on the page (it's messy rn o_o)

i don't fall under every pride flag i post, i just like to post them for others to use ^_^

⨉ DNI: dsmp fans, melanie martinez fans, age regressors (im not invalidating, its just a huge discomfort); minors dni outside of public spaces (basically dont dm me lol, anything else is fine)

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