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sorry im only online like once a month lmao

Saturday Jul 1, 2023, 7:54 AM




Last online: 2-08-2024 11:09am
  • Gender: ghosty catty creature (it/they)
  • Fuck You, Texas, United States
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name's cloud or apollo. 25 y/o alterhuman gendervoid thing. pronouns are it/they, and i'm some kind of aro/ace for now. graphic design is my passion/prison. autism creature, and other things but the public doesn't need to know (tone tags are helpful but sparingly, overuse feels demeaning lol)

◎ my interests: pokemon, fnaf, vinesauce (mostly vinny tbh), monster high, splatoon, bleach, touhou, danganronpa, ace attorney, ff7, hypmic, clone high, dmc, earthbound/mother, kirby, animal crossing, lost media, generally disturbing content, makeup

pokemon is my special interest please talk to me about it im begging

◎ music: red vox, may leitz, 360chrism, starset, fnaf fan music, vocaloid, jazmin bean, 100 gecs, reol, pierce the veil, motionless in white, my chemical romance

◎ no huge DNI, nobody reads those anyway. just know that if i don't like you for any reason, be it serious or petty, you're probably already blocked anyway.

*NOTE* not every pride flag design i post represents me, i just like to share the patterns for those that do use them ^-^

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Nyan Cat N Tac Nayn
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Trans Worm On String
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