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some of yall have GOT to just be making shit up

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name's cloud or apollo. 24 y/o ghost cat, with a lovely qpp. pronouns are it/they/mew/purr/paw, n i'm abro/aegosexual. graphic design is my passion/prison. i'm a kinnie and my list is the carrd link :3 i can't make a bio without making it too long

anyone is welcome to friend me if you like my patterns, i just don't interact much (never personal, i'm just kinda anti-social). i will rly only interact with minors in public spaces (like comments sections), never in messages. nothing against you guys, i'm just old and casually dm'ing with kids/teens is something i'm not comfortable with.

◎ my interests: pokemon, fnaf, vinesauce (mostly vinny tbh), monster high, splatoon, bleach, touhou, danganronpa, ace attorney, ff7, hypmic, clone high, dmc, earthbound/mother, kirby, animal crossing, lost media, generally disturbing content, makeup

◎ music: red vox, may leitz, 360chrism, starset, fnaf fan music, vocaloid, jazmin bean, 100 gecs, reol, pierce the veil, motionless in white, my chemical romance

◎ DNI: obvious usual criteria, dislike swearing (i do it a lot), dsmp fan, melanie martinez fan, kpop stan (casual fans are fine), genshin impact fan, age regressors (no hate, just a discomfort of mine), support/participate in c/gl or any variation of it (you actually suck), proshipper, ship large age gaps between adults (not immoral, again just a discomfort), idk i'll probably just block you if something about you pisses me off

*NOTE* not every pride flag design i post represents me, i just like to share the patterns for those that do use them ^-^

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