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ur either a skater or a hater and i dont see no wheels on ya

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HEYY!! i just like making kandi!!! im 16 and i like:

playing and watching minecraft- i dont watch any of the DSMP tho-

cartoons- adventure time, craig of the creek, gravity falls, gumball, steven universe, and over the garden wall :>

anime- HAIKYUU is my favorite (also tskym is my OTP) bnha, sk8 the infinity, HxH, wonder egg priority, JJBA!!

i reallyyyy like music of all types but especially- spider gang (lil darkie, afourteen, teenage disaster, TRIPLE 777, brahman) <33

current main music is Kendrick Lamar, Kanye (i do not support his crazy ass but he makes good music T-T), MF DOOM and Tyler <33

the afterlife smp is my life rn <3 seapeekay plz marry me :<

update: JJK manga is ruining my life

lets be friends >:DD

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