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mmm chezburgor

Tuesday Aug 16, 2022, 7:04 PM




Last online: 4-11-2023 2:38pm
  • Gender: genderqueer (he/zir)
  • Milf Village , MI, U.S.
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[helloo!! ^^]

my name is sorren! i am a minor !! [ please dont be creepy when interacting. ] i’ve been making kandi since around october of 2021.

some of my interests are ena , boisvert , mlp, minecraft, wwatt / will wood, petscop, tma & a bunch of other fictional podcasts !!

i dont really have a enough to make a dni, just have basic human decency . i would also prefer not to have 18+ on my page .

[ I probably wont be online a ton , you’ll rarely catch me

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