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Older interests coming back and taking over my brain is honestly so fun, I welcome the immense serotonin they bring :D

Wednesday Dec 28, 2022, 3:38 PM




Last online: 3-20-2023 8:25pm

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Hello! You can call me Honey :)

I'm an autistic lesbian enby with lots of neos and xenos! My pronouny page is linked on my profile :)

I am open to pattern requests! If there's anything you would like, feel free to let me know!!!

Some of my special interests are Ranboo, slime rancher, A3!, PRSK, FNAF, dialtown, kandi, perlers, electronic and robotic toys (especially i-Dog and Furby), and fashion dolls (especially rainbow high!!) Other things I really like are epithet erased, BFB, splatoon, music, pokemon, bluey, heartstopper, the Stanley parable, bugsnax, MLP, sonic, and a bunch more but I'll stop listing here :)

Feel free to dm me if you wanna chat, I'd love to make friends :D (though I am bad at reaching out first, I will be sure to respond to any messages I receive!! I do also use discord if you would prefer to talk though there, just dm me for my info! Safe /srs)

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Toucan Rotating Cuff!!!
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Wall Update!
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Perler Wall!
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Kandi Purse!
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Steven Universe Singles!
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