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Cringe Culture? Never heard of her!

Saturday May 7, 2022, 1:44 PM




Last online: 6-06-2022 4:08pm
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HELLO THERE! Im mercury! As you can tell, im a pretty big roblox fan! I'm transmasc and pansexual. I also have ADHD (inattentive, if it clarifies anything)

My current special interests are YFM (Your Favorite Martian), Object shows, and Roblox mainly!

I dont know if i should make a dni list of any sorts but please dni if you;

  • Are a DSMP fan (Sorry, but the members are super problematic!! And if you're already friends with me, its alright, just keep in mind the members are problematic.)
  • Any part of the basic DNI Criteria (Homophobe, racist, terf, etc)
  • Anti Furry And/or Therian
  • Think cringe culture still exists /hsrs
  • Are toxic
  • cishet /j
  • Just in general not a good person

THOUGH! Please interact if;

  • You like roblox, tf2, minecraft, pj sekai, ddlc, undertale, deltarune, and soulworker!
  • You like YFM, Lemon demon, tally hall, queen, babymetal, nightcore, or Mitski!
  • You are in the Osc, DOAWK (dairy of a wimpy kid), TAWOG (The amazing world of gumball), or Vocaloid fandoms!
  • If you're cool

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