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Friday Aug 5, 2022, 10:35 AM




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Your local child with a internet connection.


Things that I will talk about nonstop: Lemon Demon (band), ACNL/ACNH, My 3ds, minecraft, Garfield, mitski, sanrio, my Nintendo switch (dm if you want to play games together), paul Dano, stardew valley, whatever my special interest is currently lol

Some bands/singers I like are Lemon demon, Will Wood, Ricky Montgomery, Mother Mother, Penelope Scott, Bo Burnham, The living tombstone, Bikini kill, McCafferty, The front bottoms, latenightdrivehome, and a load more. (Ask for spotify, it would be real rad to make a playlist together <33)

Some extra info.

I'm 13 so if you're 18+ keep that in mind if I don't want to be homies with you (if we're already friends I'm chill with it, just keep this in mind) . I'm good with being besties with people in 12-16 age range.

I'm asexual and unlabeled so like maybe not be homophobic thankks

Preferably use tone tags when telling a joke or being sarcastic or any of that stuff, I take things to literally. And please don't be afraid of telling me if you don't want to talk, I can't pick up on social cues easily.

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