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being madly in love with casper wasper aka @orrenfae

Friday Jun 24, 2022, 7:21 AM




Last online: 6-18-2022 2:35pm

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hey hey!! i'm bug/bugz and i go by he/it/bug/rot pronouns specifically but any except she/they are fine~! ^_^

I've been makin kandi for three years!! ^o^I am a minor so please be aware (middle school age) i am an age regressor and pet regressor >:D!

cool neurodivergent poc alt cosplayer !!!

i don’t have a hyperfixation at the moment it was LPS for 7 years then i kinda got over it lol

i will start talking in 3rd person sometimes(*´ー`*) (its kinda like a stim for me iddk)

i love having new friends but i no longer will answer to DMs because of personal reasons and also they don’t work.

i am taken . by orren. aka the best person ever. ily orren !!!

please interact if (╹◡╹)♡:

- an age regressor / pet regressor

- like dangonronpa (specifically V2 if u may)

- people who use tone tags!!!

- a xenogender / neopronoun user!

- neurodivergent (i’m ND but with a lot of NT friends who i can’t talk to about my stuff so yk )

- make paper dragons!!

- therian / otherkin !!

- had an LPS phase when a child (this is oddly specific i know)

- cosplayer!

- age range of 10-13 (this is my age group but i’m okay with everybody under the age of 18+ unless i’m you aren’t a creep!!)

- furries !!! (i really wanna get a dino mask or fur suit lol)


- dsmp/myct stans (someone asked me if it was okay that one of their alters we a fictive from this and if they can still interact. you may because you can’t control it, but i won’t talk about it with u lol)

-people who refuse to use neopronouns

-homophobes, transphobes, racist people, xenophobes

- k!nkshamers

- people who fetishize Asian cultures like Japanese just because it has anime and boba (do your research that’s not all of its culture fools!!!)

- people who s3xualize littles or pets

- zoos / toxic furries (like those ones who make nsfw videos)

- 18+

- people who text like this: |-|1 my |\|4m3 15 |_|r m0m (especially if you don’t let people give translations thats just plain ableist)

thin ice:

- south park stans

- my hero academia /BHNA kids

- gacha kids

- people who never stfu about being “soooo annoying” or “soooo ugly”

- people who vent all the time on the daily

sorry for the long DNI list ^_^ and the long bio in general

lysmmm /p!

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