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certified man lover!!! || he/it ||

Friday Aug 4, 2023, 10:21 AM




Last online: 11-28-2023 11:22am

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please read my carrd before interacting in any way !!

• hihi :]!!!! my namez are icarus,toby, artie (more are in my pronounz page!!)

• my main pronounz are he/it/stim/rawr/plur but i have more, also in my pronounz page!!

• i’ve been making kandi for three whole yearz!! :0

• discord is

• i’m autistic so please my patient with me and use tonetagz

• i am a minor and in middle school so please be aware of that!! :3

• taken by two wonderful boyfriends<3

• current interests : welcome home, making rentryz, muse dash, crocheting and ofc kandi !!!

• feel free to ask questions !! (ex. asking for my socialz, asking about my kintypez, asking about current projectz)

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