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currently popping off

Saturday Nov 20, 2021, 12:24 AM




Last online: 2-16-2022 4:57pm
  • Gender: non-binary/trans (he/they/glitch/bone/bug/void)
  • Ur Moms House
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You want a taste of my brain? Okay, it's yours anyway A bite of my eye? All right, I won't put up a fight How 'bout today You try eating someone else for a change? Because the way things are going, I won't last another day

As you open up my ribs, the blood flows out like a riverYou strip my bones away as you indulge in my liver

And the more that I am in painThe more that you'll gainAnd to me, that seems like a pretty fair tradeYou bite my nervous system ignitesThe tormenting spiteSacrifices must be made

One thing that you'd never hear me say is that I'm tired of livingFunny thing that statement change todayGood thing that I'm forgiving

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