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slowing going deeper down the Neil cicierega iceberg chart

Monday Jun 13, 2022, 4:55 PM




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signing off for summer, see you guys next year (unless i completely abandon this account, to be determined.)

it’s been fun, stay awesome everyone

-cody :]

edit 6/13 : no, i don’t watch ranboo anymore, haven’t in quite a while. i’ve found other things i enjoy. However idc if dsmp fans interact or not, just don't be a prick lmao

Lemon demon is the artist I listen to the most, and the living tombstone or songs based on games

I like: dsaf, dialtown, webkinz, mlp (FiM!), the property of hate, twf, and those are my main interests (mostly in order? Idrk)

I only have two accounts under this name, pinterest and kandipatterns, anyone else isn't me ^_

Don't send me any more friend requests please and thank you, its very overwhelming and stresses me out (if i decline, please know its nothing personal!)

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