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garlic bread connoisseur + plushie collector

Wednesday Nov 30, 2022, 6:15 PM




Last online: 11-27-2022 8:05pm
  • Gender: funny agender dude (He/him (they/them is ok too but i prefer he/him))
  • Camp Here & There, Ohio, United States
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Plz dont send me friend requests anymore unless i know u irl or we share a mostly unknown/uncommon interest

I like moominvalley, monster prom, dsaf, dialtown, webkinz, the walten files, and the property of hate (webcomic!) i also watch kwite

tone tags are appreciated, mostly for jokes, sarcasm and seriousness, i have trouble figuring those out online, as I've come to learn

I only really have this and pinterest under codymakeskandi, i have other socials but those are under other names because i dont really want to be found there.

DNI: basic dni criteria, boyfriends fans

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J**k Pumpkin Dsaf
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