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im actually just 43 pigeons in a trench coat

Monday Jan 24, 2022, 11:27 AM




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hi I'm toby!

my interest r : mcyt ( billzo + aimsey ), true crime, buzzfeed unsolved / watcher, cuptoast, Heather's the musical and Sam and Colby, Shameless (obsessed with the show rn also mickey is the best character)

my music taste (not in order) : YUNGBLUD, Lemon Demon, The Scary Jokes, Lovejoy, Penelope Scott, Wilbur Soot, Will Wood, Jack Stauber, AJJ, mxmtoon, Mitski, Mother Mother, Corpse Husband (don't watch his content I just enjoy his music), Bo Burnham, The front bottoms, Destroy Boys, The Chats, Conan gray, girl in red , and many more!

DNI if ur apart of the gross side of the mcyt community ur fucking disgusting and I will never take that back <3 :middle_finger:

I'm a demigirl :D

also DNI if you say "dSmP sTaNniEs DNi" that's shit is the most annoying thing ever.

I'm a minorrr so don't be a fucking weirdoooo pls and thanks

I know Spanish and English so I forget words a lot so please don't make fun of me!

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