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Monday Feb 28, 2022, 10:05 AM




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  • Gender: trans male (he/him)
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HI! Welcome to my profile!! <3

Im Ry! Im 18, and am a trans male(he/him pronouns), also androsexual, graysexual and ambiamorous

I enjoy witchcraft, drawing, crochet, sewing, kandi(of course), videogames(cookie run, danganronpa, minecraft, sky, idv, roblox, and many more), crafts, anime

I like plants, bts, gremlincore, alternative clothes, mushrooms, penguins, bats, pagan music, hot chocolate, fnaf

I dislike loud noises!

Kandi is amazing and is one of my favorite coping skills! I like making ufo and multistitch cuffs!!

I can totally use tone indicators if needed!!

My discord is Recyclable_garbage#1054

If you need to vent, a friend, or just to chat, just dm me! Im here for you <3

Have a great dayyy!!!

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