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-.I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.- Edgar Allan Poe

Wednesday Dec 22, 2021, 11:08 AM




Last online: 4-21-2022 5:27pm
  • Gender: questioning trans masc (they/them/ he / him<3)
  • Ur Arms, Ur Bed, Missouri<3
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Hello, um i am a burnt out waste of oxygen in the middle of nowhere Missouri that goes by the names of toad or xaid prefer toad, I am new to kandi and to band kinda. I play the flute for my school, ps i suck at literally everything including the flute. My fav bands or solo singers rn have to be Penelope Scott, Slipknot, Vundabar,Korn, Will Wood, Cavetown, Mcr, Falling in reverse, Avril Lavigne and some more, i am actually i hate to admit good and like math:P but ye. im not exactly the quiet i am very talkative but only with my friends other than that i look like ima rip out ur soul cause i have rbf super bad. but ye i like monster and i luv sweetarts. im questioning my gender and i hate gender as a whole thing rn. I use mostly they/them pronouns but it and its or he him but im not found 2 she her. but i am a racer i race micro sprints or midgets so ye. but yeah and if some 1 cant read my user its Mutilated looser i just went crazy with the spelling but ye my fav colors are sage green white and grey and im a mix of fairycore punk emo and basically thats all to me im super basic tbh but have a good day to everyone who views this<3 !! Im a MINOR btw!! link to my thing

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No Arm. Just Kandi<3
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Some Of My Singles<3
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Basic Ladder Cuff
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Flexing My Ordinary Rainbow Cuff
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