As you may have heard, Adobe Flash (which this site's pattern maker currently uses) will reach end of life on December 31st, 2020. After that date, the current pattern maker will no longer function.

The website itself doesn't use Flash, so the rest of the website will be unaffected. You will not lose any of your patterns.

I will be putting a new, non-Flash pattern maker online. This pattern maker is in alpha, which means that it has a limited set of features and is under active development. It should work reasonably well for most people on desktop computers. It also works on mobile, but the mobile version is currently missing a few more features than desktop.

In addition, I may have to temporarily reduce the features and/or performance if the strain on the server is too high. I will post a notice in the pattern maker if I have to do that.

In the long term, this new pattern maker will be a very good thing for the site, because I have the source code and can improve it over time - something which I could never do with the old Flash one. We'll just have to deal with a bit of bumpiness to begin with.

I have a lot of features partially coded and ready to slot in. I also have a lot of improvements planned. But we need to get the most basic features running smoothly first. Thank you for your patience, and thank you to those of you who have helped test the pattern maker.

You can access the pattern maker at

If you get a blank page or an error, try refreshing the page, because you might have tried to access it while the build was updating. For best performance, please use a modern browser. Old browsers (e.g. < IE11) aren't supported.