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Upload to Kandi Patterns from Instagram yay

Description As some of you know, I have been working on setting up a pony bead sweepstakes. I'm going to let people enter through Instagram, and so I had to add some Instagram functionality to the site. As a result, you can now upload directly from Instagram by tagging #kandipatterns when you upload a photo.

To do this, your must first connect your Instagram account to this site by going to Your Account from your User Menu (on There's a heading called "Instagram Account" and below that heading there's a link you can click to connect or disconnect your account. We will only upload photos that are tagged with #kandipatterns and we only store your user ID - no access tokens or profile information.

By default, all Instagram-uploaded photos will be added to the "Inspiration" category. The title will be a shortened version of the caption of your photo with the hash tags removed. The description will be the full title with the hash tags removed. You can change all of this after it has been uploaded.

Because I only just added this feature, it might not work correctly for all of you. If you have any problems, leave them as a comment on this photo. Thanks!
Date 2014-03-14 17:43:47
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Made by Crumpet

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Dec 7, 2014 1:39 pm
antwontheunicorn, yes there is. You need to disconnect the old one and then connect a new one. If you go to your account page, in the Instagram section there's a link which says "Click here to disconnect your instagram account." Click it and it will remove the connection to the current account. Then you can make sure you're logged into with the correct account, and connect again on your KP account page.