Description ok first off im not tryin to steal ANYONES idea for a pattern.to prove it here are the name of the ppl tht made the patterns for these: (starting at the top/left) kingdomhearts key:Stephmania brass knuckels: i got the tutorial on youtube melting rainbow/heart:Lauren Lockdown1 moose:Crumpet ninja:Crumpet Pacman:MusicGal101 Blood on The Dance Floor:RinCeM Panda:CookiesandMilk25 Nerd HelloKitty: youtube video(sry) Cupcake: Love_Conquers_All (me) Unicorn/rainbow:Crumpet so yeah... more photos later... if you want me to design a pattern let me know and i will make one.
Date 2012-07-22 12:15:35
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Made by Kawaii_Shinigami

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