Magenta and blue gl*** bead ring

Description The glass beads and seed beads I use in my projects are mostly all by Craft Medley and Crafter's Square. They're brands you can find readily available at dollar stores in Canada. I don't know if they are available elsewhere, but when I looked on Amazon, the prices were drastically inflated on there compared to the prices in stores where I live. If anyone knows where to get them for cheap (between $1.50-$2.99 is the standard here) that would be amazing, because depending on the stores to have my colours in stock is annoying. I have looked into online stores, but shipping is always an issue, and ordering online is harder when you don't have a credit card yet, and a lot of your funds monthly go towards groceries :/
Date 2023-05-26 10:59:42
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Made by FictionalReality

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