3d TARDIS Perler Bead Pattern / Bead Sprite

3d TARDIS Perler Bead Pattern / Bead Sprite
Made by ixlikextrainsxkid
Description 3d_TARDIS
Date 2012-06-24 09:37:46
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Bead Counts
Size 50 columns wide x 50 rows tall

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Nov 21, 2012 1:33 pm
fuse beads arent really my forte, but this makes me wwant to go buy thousands of them just to make this glad to know im not the only whovian out there
Jun 25, 2012 4:26 am
It's good there are other Whovians on here. I feel like I'm the only one! This is going on my list of things to make ths summer!
Jun 24, 2012 7:27 pm
So gonna make this :O LONG LIVE THE DOCTOR!
Jun 24, 2012 11:48 am
So glad to find a fellow Doctor Who fan.