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Beading Daily Beadweaving Patterns


Shala's free blank beading graph paper

Over 30 different free blank templates for beading


Bracelet Book - Friendship Bracelet Patterns

BraceletBook.com (which also has an iPhone app!) is designed for friendship bracelet patterns but some of the patterns would also work for square stitch cuffs and perler bead designs - or as inspiration for other types of patterns. You can create and share your own patterns on the site, browse other people's, share photos/videos, and socialize.


Bead 4 Me

Foreign language site, but use Google translate if necessary; the owner posts free bead patterns and also takes pattern requests!


Evelyn's Beadie Page

This site has tons of cute patterns to create little beaded characters, including Pokemon!


Love.A.Lot Kandi Patterns

A great new kandi pattern website made by Love.A.Lot, who has donated some really good patterns to this site :)



This is the website for BeadTool - the program I use to make all of my kandi patterns. You can download a free trial of the program here.


Kandi krafter

Has photos of different types of kandi as well as plenty of tutorials, including one about how to make a 3D Hello Kitty head! amazing o_o


Plurlife kandi patterns thread

This is where I first started posting my kandi patterns, before this site existed. As of 3/6/2010, it contains 1,645 posts and has received over 160,000 views.


Plur patterns

More high-quality multi patterns for kandi cuffs!