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I'm selling ALL my KANDI, BEADS, TUTUS

I really need money for college... plus I got big plans. I really need the money loves :(


Kandi in Las Vegas!

Like everyone else on here I love making kandi. I want to make 100 different kandi before Las Vegas E.D.C. I'm going to hand out all of them on the strip if I can reach my go fund me goal. Please help me get to my goal. Thank you.


Mary101's Kandi


Kandi Love

You can purchase a Kandi Bikini, either pre-made, or you can request a custom order. I'm going to be adding on more items as time goes by, like belts and water bottle holders and maybe even suspenders. I'm also making bracelets from "normal" seed beads using a new bead loom I got. So check out my shop and hopefully you'll see something you like ^^ -Syco Squirl



This is my etsy shop! I make kandi singles, and I make Kandi Cuffs, etc. I take custom order requests as well! send em my way! Shipping is only 1-2$ depending on the item, no higher than that! Come and check out Ninja Parade!


Phoenix Kandi

You guys can place in custom orders for me to make.Or buy one of my items.Or we can discuss trading.


RivetGiRL Falls

Kandi accessories, cyberlox/hairfalls + more! All my kandi masks are made with metal D-rings attached so you can adjust it for the most secure and comfortable fit against your face. NO BEADS BEHIND YOUR EARS!! Custom orders are welcomed!


Kandi 4 sale! CHEAP EASY AFFORDABLE! Requests? Email

With college on the horizon, I have decided that I must sell some of my rather large kandi collection in order to relieve the financial burden that college will be for my single mother. I am currently selling some cuffs, singles, and 3D's. More creations and 3D cuffs coming soon!



I am going to be selling kandi. Any kind of kandi you want, it can be a simple single or it can be a huge peyote stich poster. Whatever you want, it can say and have anything on it. In my about me will be the prices. If you don't want to buy anything then we can trade. Message me for any other questions and concerns.


AllieColeslaw Etsy Shop

Hemp jewelry, kandi creations, polymer clay plugs and more—you can find it all for a low price at the AllieColeslaw Etsy shop!