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Starting the 5th row
As the chart from earlier shows, for the fifth row you should start at the 3rd bead, which is blue.

String the blue bead, skip a bead, and pull it through the blue bead as shown. Continue doing this until you get to the last bead in the row (the green one)

Finishing the 5th row
To finish the row, pull the string with the green bead on through the two beads labeled below - the green and blue.

You're now done with row 5 :D don't forget to check that your cuff matches with the pattern!

Doing the 6th row
Row 6 starts from the 3rd bead across. Finish row 6 by yourself.

This is what your cuff will look like after you have completed row 6.


Doing rows 7-10
Continue on with rows 7-10. In the photo below I have laid out the order of the beads.


After row 10 your cuff should look like this:


Finishing the rest of the rows

By now you probably understand how to string beads and switch rows, so you should be able to complete the rest of the cuff (rows 11-19) by yourself. The only part you might need help with is what bead to start on, so here's the chart one more time:


Row Start at bead # Row Start at bead #
1 1 11 6
2 1 12 6
3 2 13 7
4 2 14 7
5 3 15 8
6 3 16 8
7 4 17 9
8 4 18 9
9 5 19 10
10 5 20 10