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Angelspit Skull Perler Necklace

Description I decided to make something Angelspit related! I made an Angelspit peyote pattern, but the only thing it would be good for is a bag or something because it's so huge. xD And so I made a necklace. I think it looks a little like a really pissed off jellyfish, but most people who know the Angelspit skull have been able to recognize it. xD
Date 2011-09-09 12:52:21
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Made by AcidicKandi

Photo Comments

Sep 9, 2011 2:34 pm
Yay, Angelspit love strucklove struck With their *ahem* darker motifs, I'm really suprised (but happy!!) to see kandi pertaining to them, haha. It's a shame that the peyote didn't work out though~